Saturday, 18 June 2016

Video account of our trip

So, I am a vlogger more than I am a blogger so most of my work is posted on You Tube but I thought I would post a link to some of my videos relating to Lauren and mine's recent trip to Disneyworld.

First off is a selection of vids I made in the run up to my trip over to Canada.

Whats in my suitcase?

What's in my hand luggage? (excuse the mad smile on the thumbnail here)

And seeing as how we were too busy geeking out and having fun over there to actually do any vlogging as such, I decided to throw together a montage of all those photos we took over there (about 400+)

I did do a little filming over there, namely the Electric Light Parade, the Gringotts dragon bellowing flames and the Star Wars Jedi Training show

We did have the most amazing time and photos, videos and blog posts just don't do justice to the sheer thrill of being there in the moment.  I sometimes wonder if I dreamt it all but the whole holiday was so much better than I could have ever dreamed of.

And finally, if you can sit through it (it is over an hour long), my verbal account of our trip

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