Thursday, 22 August 2019

Review - Sock Shop's Bamboo Socks (plus 10% discount code)

Socks.  Such a simple thing, something we just take for granted.  We get up, get dressed and slip those socks onto our feet without really thinking about them.

I wear socks pretty much every day, definitely on workdays and if I need to go out anywhere.  As I rarely wear skirts or dresses and trousers are my outfit of choice, it stands to reason that socks are an essential part of my wardrobe.

I admit I do have a thing for novelty socks, I like patterns and bright colours, not a huge fan of plain white socks although I do have some for the right occasion.  So I was delighted when Sock Shop sent me some of their bamboo socks to try.

I had never heard of Bamboo socks before but I do know bamboo is a pretty popular material these days given its sustainability. 

So I opted to try the LADIES 2 PAIR ELLE BAMBOO ANKLET SOCKS in Pink

The first thing I noticed when putting the socks on is how soft the feel of them was.  This would make them ideal for anyone with particularly sensitive skin as they felt very light on and when I removed them, there were no marks around my legs where they had been.  However this didn't lessen their grip any and they remained up all day, no need to keep pulling them up.  They really didn't feel like I was wearing any socks at all

 I also noticed that my feet didn't seem to smell as much when I took my trainers off as they can do when I wear regular cotton socks.  This was because the bamboo helps feet to breathe more and is also hypoallergenic and contains natural antibacterial properties.

Sock Shop carries a wide range of bamboo socks for everyone, men, women and children as well as many other socks in cotton, wool, cashmere and even Alpaca. 

Take a look at the Sock Shop website for their full range and bag a 10% discount with the code TwoBirds10

And check out my video review here

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  1. OOooh I want to try these now! I'm always looking for something to help with my dry feet and to wick the sweat away. Thanks for reviewing these hunny!