I usually dislike about me sections because I have been known to indulge in over-sharing, I'll be careful to make sure not to this time I promise! My name is Lauren. My two most favourite things ever in the world are my British best friend Angie and the Harry Potter series. I am a Library and Information Professional living in Ontario Canada. What does that mean? It means I find, organise, manage and disseminate information for people, specifically I work in an academic library so I help university students, staff and faculty. I am a really big book nerd (among other types of nerd). In terms of genres, I tend toward fantasy, science fiction, romances (paranormal & historical specifically) and espionage/political thrillers but that's not all I read, I'll try pretty much anything once before I write it off. While I do enjoy writing about books and reading I  don't want to limit myself to just those two topics, I would like to write about anything that catches my fancy, so expect to see all sorts different types of posts pop up on this blog with my name attached to them.

2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Lauren has completed her goal of reading 52 books in 2017!

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