Thursday, 23 June 2016

Unboxing - Marvel #collectorcorps - June 2016 - Women of Power box

I've been a subscriber to the Marvel Collector Corps since the first box that was put out to coincide with the theatrical release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, anyone who knows me knows I only very recently, within the last year/year and a half started getting into reading comic books other than Archie comics and I've mostly been reading a mix of Marvel or DC. That being said I've been a fan of the MCU since the first Iron Man came out so that and wanting to learn more about comics were what drew me to the Collector Corps. It's a bi-monthly subscription block and it always has either a tie-in to a movie release or a specific theme. This month's theme, for June 2016, was Marvel's Women of Power. I was hoping against hope that there was going to be a Peggy Carter item because MCU Peggy is totally my hero.

The box arrived on Tuesday and I eagerly opened it up and photographed the contents. Every box comes with an iron on patch and a collector pin. This month the patch featured the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. I have the first volume of her series but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, I really should. The pin is Spiderwoman which pleased me to no end because of a conversation I had just had earlier that day with my coworker Melanie. I'd been scanning a chapter from a book called Spider Woman's Granddaughters and I said to Melanie that it sounded like the perfect name for a Marvel comic series, especially now that Spiderwoman actually does have a kid; so now all I can do is picture in my head these three little girls with various spider related powers and spider-related nicknames forming a superhero team in a series called Spiderwoman's Granddaughters and now I really want to see it happen. But that is totally another topic. I am happy with both of these items and have added them to my little growing collection of 8 of each.There's always a card that describes the items in a given box. In this case the card described each of the final items and also what they looked like in their prototype phase.

The next item in the box is the standard comic. There's always a comic with a variant cover. The June box contained a copy of the first issue of Civil War II with a variant cover that features Funko!POP versions of Marvel's women of power. I'm excited for this even though I still haven't read the first Civil War saga, but I keep meaning to so I am hopeful having this issue waiting for me will motivate me to actually get around to reading it. I had wanted to read it before I saw Civil War in theaters, oops.

You know come to think of it I don't think I've cracked into any of the comics that have come in my boxes yet, I keep reading the ones I've got from the library. I'll have to get on that!

Next up is the customary t-shirt, another thing each of the boxes has. A good 85-90% of my tshirt wardrobe at Disney last month consisted of shirts that I've gotten out of either Nerd Block boxes or Collector Corps boxes. This month's tshirt didn't disappoint, it features another character I am excited about, and in a trend you'll probably notice by now, whose series I haven't yet gotten around to reading. The star of the women of power tshirt is none other than Spider-Gwen! Spider-man is probably one of the 3  marvel heroes I actually know the most about from the comics, and I've read a few of them, including Death of the Stacys which was what made me like the potential of the Gwen Stacy character, which is why I am excited for a timeline where she's the one who gets the spidey powers.

Another thing that's always present in the Collector Corps boxes, since they're powered by Funko, is an exclusive Funko!POP. I am somewhat obsessed with these things, they are adorable and a fun collectible. My collection started with the flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz  and now I'm starting to run out of space for them between the MCC ones, the ones in my Nerd Blocks, and the ones I buy for myself at Hot Topic. Like with all of the other items so far this one too features a character that I am intensely interested in reading about but haven't yet, Squirrel Girl. I LOVE everything about this pop, all of the little details on it amuse me to no end. Look at those little acorn earrings! And the little squirrel companion!! I have this head cannon now that Squirrel Girl and Luna Lovegood would be amazing friends if they ever found themselves coexisting.

The last two items in this month's box were a couple of not-at-all-mysterious Funko!Mystery Minis. The best part about the mystery minis for me is that they are supposed to be blind boxes and you have a chance of getting certain ones. The anticipation and excitement surrounding that inherent nature is the best. Vinylmations at Disney are blind boxes and when I was there I bought three and of the 2, and Angie bought me a 3rd, 2 of which were the exact ones I had been wanting which was exciting because they were some of the less common options. In this case though the boxes were not blind and therefore there was no mystery to be had, boo! I am not complaining about the figurines themselves because She Hulk and Captain Marvel are both absolutely awesome. I am just complaining about the manner in which they were presented.

So sadly and much to my dismay, no Agent Peggy Carter items, boooo, there was so much potential there. They could have done a Zero Matter covered Whitney Frost Pop, or a Boxing!Peg one. An SSR shirt with a Peggy Carter name bad. I want Peggy stuff dangit! That being said overall I enjoyed this box and I am happy to have it and now that I have these pieces of merch I DEFINITELY need to get around to actually reading the comics they are in. And also the Lady Thor storyline because I have a pop of her too from a previous collector corps box.

The next block, in August, is going to be Spider-Man. I am looking forward to that one too, but I always look forward to them if only for the mystery of seeing what's in them.


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