Friday, 6 January 2017

Unboxing - Marvel #collectorcorps - December 2016 - X-Men box

As with the Owl Crate post from Wednesday this one is also a procrastination. My Collector Corps box for December arrived some time last week but I was too into all the books I was reading and the pokémon game I got for Christmas to get around to writing these unboxing posts. This will be my last MCC unboxing for awhile. I've decided to put my subscription to this service on hiatus for 2017 in an effort to save money. I enjoy these boxes, but not nearly as much as I am enjoying Owl Crate and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter boxes and I don't have the room or the budget to keep three subscriptions going. So this is the one I decided to get rid of. I will say that they unknowingly ended on a high note for me! I loved all the items in this months box and I was worried because for me X-Men can be a really hit or miss fandom.

So what are all these items and how do I feel about them?

1. Pin and Patch

This month's pin features Magneto's helmet, just his helmet though, no Magneto face to go with it, which I feel is an odd choice. The patch features Storm and it's a really nice rendition of her I think. I mean the pins and patches are a neat feature of the service, but honestly they're just in piles on my shelves because I can't figure out what to do with them. Aside from the fact that I've cannibalized the backs off of half of the pins for use with my other pins (the ones I was trying to showcase on my bag) because they were better quality backs than the ones my other pins came with.

2. T-shirt

I love the t-shirts because I love geeky t-shirts but it's got to the point where I have WAAAY more than I need because I can't wear most of the ones I have to work. I need more directly literary/library related ones for that purpose haha. Anyway this shirt is really great as far as the shirts from this box go. It's a ringer tee, a style which I love, and it's a play on a varsity shirt for Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. It's giving me all sorts of ideas for a cosplay to do for Halloween. I wonder if I can convince my co-workers that our 2017 theme should be X-Men...hmmmm....

3. Comic

The best part about the comics is the adorable Funko styled variant covers. In my opinion they're always really well done (I especially loved the Doctor Strange one). I only just noticed you can't see this month's properly. It's an issue of Champions with a Funko Cyclops on the cover. One of these days I will actually get around to reading all of the various single issues I've received from my subscription boxes.

4. Funko!Rock Candy

AH!!! I have been wanting a Rock Candy since I first heard about the line!!! They remind me of old school pin up art which is a style I've always thought interesting. I was 100% thrilled to see this in the box! And equally thrilled that they chose Mystique. I know that's expected because she's one of the most recognisable and popular female mutants, but I think she has a great colour scheme and her styling lends itself well to this medium!

5. Funko!Pop

This is the second coolest MCC exclusive Funko!Pop they've ever included. Nothing can take the best title from the Hulkbuster Pop in the first box. But for me this one comes pretty close. As with Mystique I'm not surprised that they went for Wolverine because he's easily the most iconic mutant from the X-Men universe now-a-days. You can't argue with how well they did this Pop though. It's so badass and the detailing on the bike is just amazing.

Overall I really couldn't have been happier with this box than I am! Mystique now lives on the same shelf as the Hulkbuster and Wolvie's gracing the top of my pile of books on my coffee table.

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