Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Unboxing - #nerdblock October 2016

So as I mentioned last month, Nerd Block is the very first subscription service I ever subscribed to, and this month's block marks the last one I will receive from them. My subscription was up fore renewal again (the last time it came up I bought a 6 month one), and since for the most part I've been less and less happy with the boxes over time I decided that I would cancel it this time. And fate must have agreed that was the right decision because right after I cancelled it LootCrate announced a Wizarding World of Harry Potter subscription block for the same price that my Nerd Block renewal fee was going to be -  so even though I originally complained that it was super expensive (because for the same price you only get half as many boxes because it's bimonthly instead of monthly) I caved and subscribed because I figured, it's Harry Potter there's really a very miniscule chance that I'll be unhappy with the contents, plus I can share anything Angie really wants out of them with her.

All that being said, for my last block it was a pretty good one. Have a look at what I got and then I'll tell you about the items clockwise from the bottom left again:

1. the Beetlejuice inspired Handbook for the Recently Deceased notebook

My coworkers and I were just discussing our mutual love of the ghost with the most last week so they're going to be jealous of this notebook, which even has striped pages to match Beetlejuice's iconic suit! So I know I said the Oz notebook from my Owlcrate was going to go to work but I think this notebook might instead. I grew up in the 90s and the Beetlejuice cartoon was one of my favourites, I also loved the 1988 movie starring Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder which of course inspired the cartoon.

2. Scream print

Scream and the Scream franchise are my absolute favourite horror movies. I saw Scream on VHS in 1997. We watched it for the very first time at my 11th birthday party - a sleepover, and I have a vivid memory of my parents scaring the crap out of us - to this day my mother maintains that it wasn't on purpose but I still don't believe her. We were in the middle of the opening sequence with Drew Barrymore when we hear a knock on the family room window (which was 6 feet off the ground mind you) which caused us all to scream in fright. I jumped up on the couch and looked out and couldn't see any one. When I looked away there was another knock which caused us all to panic and scatter into the kitchen looking for my parents who were laughing their butts off at us. Turns out my mum, who'd gone out for a smoke had knocked on the window trying to get our attention. That's the origin story of my love for Scream I've at this point probably seem all of them about 500 times. So this print of Sidney and Ghostface is most definitely getting framed and hung, I already have a spot on the wall picked out for it.

3. Simpsons Tree House of Horror tshirt

The Simpsons is another series that I've loved since I was young and I always get a kick out of the Halloween specials. This tshirt will definitely see some use - I may wear it to work on the Friday before Halloween this year.

4. Ghostbusters Vinylmates action figure

This an exclusive item made for Nerd Block and it's awesome. I've never heard of the Vinylmates line before but I do love vinyl figurines I have god knows how many floating around here. This one is really neat it kind of looks like a giant LEGO minifig. This one is Ray from the original films and he's covered in Slimer slime! Love it, it's already found a home on my shelves next to my Funko!Dumbledore and last month's Joker action figure,

5. Walking Dead ear wallet

I am a zombie fan but I am not a Walking Dead fan, and even if I were I am not sure I would ever have the desire to use a wallet shaped like a fallen off zombie ear. I think I know a student assistant at work who is a Walking Dead fan so I think I will see if they wants it.

6. Alien salt and pepper shakers

Until now (literally at the time of writing this) I had never seen Alien, I knew about it from pop culture obviously but I'd never watched it before. That being said these salt and pepper shakers are really grossing me out. I have a coworker who loves Alien so I offered them to her and she was all for it until I said they were shaped like alien eggs at which point she then got grossed out too haha.

Overall feelings for this box? I love 4/6 of the items so that's not a bad haul at all. Now if I could just find someone to give these salt and pepper shakers to...

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