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When kids TV was cool - My all time favourite show ever

So we finally come to our last post in this series where I’ve looked back and shared with you some of the delightful programs I used to watch as a child.  I’ve enjoyed watching the DVDs again and bringing back the lovely memories I associated with them and enjoying the delightful innocence of children’s TV when it wasn’t too PC and scared of offending anyone and children enjoyed it for what it is.

So we finally come to the last television show and my all time favourite and it still is enjoyable to watch even now, I often return to the DVDs to watch when I’m in need of a laugh and the films are all incredible and one of them is ranked as my all time favourite Christmas film which I could watch at any time of the year but always gets many views during the December month.


It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights
It’s time to get things started
On the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational,

This is what we call THE MUPPET SHOW!!!!!!

Yes my all time favourite show as a child has to be The Muppet Show.  I can’t remember how old I was when I fell in love with Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, Gonzo and all the others but I know I was very young. This was taken one Christmas and I must have been either one or almost two because they house we are in is the one we left before my second birthday.

I had clothes with Muppets on, I still do. My famous Muppet pants that Lauren bought me a couple of Christmasses ago are the comfiest PJ pants ever and I have Muppet socks featuring Piggy, Kermit and Animal. I still have a mug with Animal on it that was from when I was younger as well as my more modern ones, the Animal mug has a date of 1978 on it which was when I was only 2 so that’s a guide to how long I’ve been a fan of these guys.

Of course when we went to Florida earlier this year, we went to Hollywood Studios which is the home of the Muppets at Disney so naturally we had to do the Muppets 3D Vision ride and have my photo taken by the Muppet fountain.  My love for the Muppets has never wavered since I was a child and to this day they still make me laugh over and over.

The Muppet Show was an old style variety show hosted by Kermit the Frog.  It featured a special guest star every week who featured in various sketches, dance routines and stand up.  Miss Piggy was a prima donna pig who was always jealous of the other beautiful female guest stars and the way her beloved ‘Kermie’ always got on with them or adored them.  Fozzie Bear had a regular stand up spot, telling awful jokes and getting heckled by Statler and Waldorf, two old curmudgeons in the theatre box. Gonzo was always coming up with new daredevil acts, usually involving dangerous or impossible stunts and the band Electric Mayhem provided the music led by Doctor Teeth.  There are various other Muppets milling around the theatre such as Scooter the Gopher, Hilda the Seamstress, Uncle Deadly, Robin the Frog (Kermit’s nephew), the Swedish Chef who cooks a variety of inedible dishes, Bunsen Honeydew the scientist and his assistant Beaker, Sam the American Eagle who takes offence at all the nonsense the Muppets come up with, the Newsman who tries to deliver Muppet Newsflashes with little success, Wayne and Wanda, a singing duo who never get to finish a song and various other monsters and creatures.

Currently there are only three series available on DVD and I hope that maybe one day series 4 & 5 will finally get a release and trust me when they do I’ll be first in the queue to buy them.  However until then I must make do with the first three and I’ll share with you some of my favourite guest stars.  Now I will point out that these may not be my favourite celebrities ordinarily but in their episodes, they do shine.

Series 1
Rita Moreno - sings Fever with Animal on drums who keeps interrupting her.  
She gets her own back!

Bruce Forsyth - replaces Fozzie as the stand up comic and teaches Statler and Waldorf a lesson

Series 2

Teresa Brewer - she is just so adorable and I love her first musical number
Cotton Fields

John Cleese - refuses to work with pigs until a monster eats his contract (and his agent) so ends up in a Pigs in Space episode and complains about his final closing number.

Series 3

Racquel Welch - Piggy gets jealous of Raquel’s popularity among the male Muppets and her getting a solo number, so she hijacks her performance of I’m A Woman

Spike Milligan - Muppet News Flash acted out by Spike, simply hilarious.

So there we have it, The Muppet Show finishes off my collection of children’s TV shows that made my childhood enjoyable.  I will leave you with one of the all time most well known clips from the Muppet Show which was actually featured in Episode 1.  All together now…...

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  1. I think the reason that I spaced on realising Muppets was your favourite kids show is because I've never thought of it exclusively as a kids show hehe I mean of course I know how much you love it so that must be the reason ehhe. I'm so glad you still enjoy your muppet pants I remember when I saw them in walmrt I knew I had to get them for you. I am so happy I was able to help make your dream of going to Disney World happen, seeing you that happy makes me stupid happy hehe.