Friday, 19 August 2016

#ReadThemAllThon Update - Got my Thunder Bagde

Well I'm 4 days into the #ReadThemAllThon (head over to Read at Midnight to learn more about this event) and I've earned my first badge today. I finished reading my selection for the Thunder Bagde/Vermilion City challenge, a book with thunderous hype: Ready Player One. I had the day off work today so I finished reading it this morning before going out on some errands. I'll be writing a review of it, maybe tonight if I feel like it, or maybe this weekend. If I leave it until the weekend I'll have a couple of reviews to write and post.

In addition to finishing the first badge, I'm also 1/6th of the way to earning the Cascade Badge from the Cerulean City challenge. In my sign-up post I said that I was going to read volumes 1-5 of Saga because I had them on loan from the library where I work. But when I was out today we stopped into Chapters and I saw that volume 6 had been released so I bought (along with 6 other stores are dangerous for me okay...) it and I'm adding it to that portion of the challenge which will add +15cp to my projected total.

So where am I in terms of CP collecting? Well my lovely shiny Magikarp started at 10cp and I've now added:

+ 20 for earning the Thunder Badge
+ 37 for the number of pages in Ready Player One (374)
+ 14 for tweeting the #ReadThemAllThon hashtag (including this post which will auto tweet when I publish it)
+ 16 for the number of pages in Saga Vol. 1 (160)

So that means that my Magikarp is now at 97cp which still puts me 353cp off evolving him. It also means I am 1/8th of the way to reading my way through the Indigo League. Now I think I'll go back to reading the next book, one of my two choices for the Rainbow Badge/Celadon City challenge to read a diverse book, Six-Gun Snow White.


  1. Ooo, how did you like Ready Player One? Everyone keeps telling me I need to read it!

    1. I really, really liked it I read it on the recommendation of my coworker/friend she loaned me her copy and then insisted I read it. It was so good.

    2. Oh, yay! :-) I'm glad to hear that. I really need to get to it soon!