Sunday, 28 August 2016

#ReadThemAllThon Update - Got my Boulder Bagde & other updates

Today is the start of the 3rd and final week of the #ReadThemAllThon and I've only earned two badges! Ack! Well technically I've earned three but I decided to read 2 books for the Rainbow Badge and I've only finished one of those so far so I'm not counting it yet. I finally earned the Boulder Badge last night by finally finishing Berlin Game which I started last Sunday. It took me all week to get through because I didn't read at all during my lunch breaks this week. Also because we've been so busy at work I haven't had the chance to do my copyright course coursework at work so I have to do it at home so I haven't been reading as much in the evenings as I normally could/would. Which is also why I haven't blogged or Tweeted as much this week so I'm behind in earning CP there as well.

Once I did get reading yesterday I polished off not just Berlin Game but right after I read the second volume of Saga in under an hour so I'm now 2/6ths of the way to earning the Cascade Badge. This morning I started reading This Savage Song, my selection for the Flame Badge (read a book with a red cover). Oh! Finishing Berlin Game also allowed me to cross off the "read a book originally published in the decade you were born" part of Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge. It was originally published in 1983 and the copy I read was actually printed in 1987! So not only was it published the decade I was born I read a copy that was printed the decade I was born, I find that very amusing.

So where am I in terms of CP collecting? Well my lovely shiny Magikarp 97cp at the end of my last update and I've now added:

+ 20 for earning the Boulder Badge
+16 for the number of pages in Six-Gun Snow White (168)(one of my selections for the Rainbow Badge)
+ 35 for the number of pages in Berlin Game (352)
+ 10 for tweeting the #ReadThemAllThon hashtag (including this post which will auto tweet when I publish it)
+ 16 for the number of pages in Saga Vol. 2 (168)

So Magikarp is now at 194cp which still puts me 256cp off evolving him. It also means I am 2/8ths of the way to reading my way through the Indigo League. Goal for today is to finish This Savage Song, Saga Vol. 3 and start reading my second book for the Rainbow Badge, Just Girls. If I can make all that happen I'll only have to get through 4 novels and 3 graphic novels before next Sunday...that's 2,741 pages in a week, I can do that...I hope. 392 pages a day give or take, I'm sure I can manage that! Especially if I can cross off at least 675 of those or thereabouts today! I better get reading!

I will also endeavor to post 1 book review a night this week to up my CP count that way. As I'm not playing pokémon go that limits the amount of CP I can earn from non book related activities, but I want to attempt to max out what I can earn so I'll also try and tweet more this week.

I also have to write an OwlCrate unboxing post so I'll get that written today and set it to publish tomorrow morning.

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