Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Unboxing - Wizarding World of Harry Potter Loot Crate #1 - Nov 2016

That's right! I got in on the ground floor of Loot Crate's newest subscription box, the Wizarding World box. What is it? It's a bi-monthly subscription box filled to the brim with HP related goodies. It's on the more expensive end of subscription blocks in my experience, which is why I'd never tried Loot Crate before, but how could I not with an HP box? So I cancelled my Nerd Block, and I might stop the Marvel Collector Corps come the new year, that will definitely make up for the cost of this one. This month was the first of the WWHP blocks, and oh goodness it did not disappoint, I've honestly never been more pleased with the contents of one of my subscription boxes before. Let's get into looking at what I got then shall we, welcome to:

This is going to be a rather image heavy post so I thought I'd give a jump cut a go...

We'll start at the beginning with the box itself, you saw what was on the outside of the box in the above image, the sticker sealing the box closed was Newt's muggle worthy dial from his travelling case. On the upper inside of the box, the first thing you see when you open it is the snazzy print you see to the left here. It's so spiffy I might actually try and find a way to frame it, because who doesn't want to be a wizard, right?

Beyond the fact that I was expecting 5-7 exclusive and/or officially licensed Harry Potter themed items in this box, before it came I had no idea what to expect. When I signed up for the box they had me select my house (Ravenclaw, fyi) but I hadn't been aware of any specific themes or spoilers for this box like I have for some of the other subscriptions I've had. All that means is that for once the contents of the box were a complete and utter surprise to me and that made it even more exciting.

When I left work on Friday my coworker Dawn told me she hoped one of my subscription boxes would be waiting for me when I got home, lo and behold, this one had arrived earlier in the day and was sitting in my front hall. Queue the excited squealing and rush to get it open so I could see everything.

To quote Brad Pitt's character in Se7en then, what's in the box?

1. Hedwig/letter keychain

This one is a Lott Crate exclusive item supplied by BioWorld. It's done up in brass tones, except for Hedwig who is silver. The tassel, which I just realised cannot be seen in this photo because it's dangling under the letter, is leather. It is a solid and very weighty keychain.

Keychains seem to be ubiquitous in subscription boxes, I have received so many that I've actually fun out of places to put them on my keys. So I've had to start finding other things to do with them, my Dalek for example is actually on one of my bookcases posed to fight with my 10th Doctor vinyl figure. My dancing baby Groot is hanging from my cork board.

I would definitely make an exception and include this on one of my 3 sets of keys but for the following exceptions: the weight of this would not play well with my car keys; I already have 3 keychains on my house keys, one of which is another owl (a barn owl that I got at the Chester Zoo in 2014); and lastly I couldn't attach it to my work keys because although Hedwig is gorgeous her open winged form would most definitely be constantly stabbing me whenever I had my keys in my pocket. Therefore this beautiful Hedwig keychain will probably get repurposed as a lovely christmas ornament!

2. Tina Goldstein Funko Pop vinyl figurine

I LOVE Funko Pops, thanks to my love of them, and my MCC subscription I have probably far too many. After I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the 17th I declared that I needed to have all of the related Funko Pops though, so it was nice to get one in this box! There were 5 options I could have received, Newt (would have loved him!), Tina, Niffler (I want the flocked Hot Topic exclusive), Dumbledore (I already have him so yay), and Jacob.I'm pleased with the one I got, she can join the badass women display I have going on in my bedroom.

3. Pickett the Bowtruckle pin

Awww I loved Pickett!! He was so cute and sweet in the film. I love the colours of this pin, and really beyond that there's not much more to say about it. It's a lovely item to receive and it is going to live happily on my messenger bag along with my Ravenclaw pennet pin from Universal Studios; and my Mockingjay and Steampunk Cheshire Cat pins from Angie. He'll make a lovely addition!

4. Pig plushie

Pig!! I always felt poor pig was under represented and under loved. I personally have always enjoyed Ron's hyperactive little owl and not just because he was a gift from Sirius. Owls are one of my favourite animals and I always enjoyed a nice stuffed owl. I've already had to rescue this adorable plushie once from my dog Ria. Right before I took this photo she tried to snatch him; she loves stuffed animals too and lately any stuffy that comes into the house she thinks is hers. I've given Pig a nice, safe home, out of harms way on a high shelf near my desk.

5. MACUSA notebook

MACUSA, for those of you who haven't seen the new film yet, stands for Magical Congress of the United States of America - or more simply put, the Ministry of Magic equivalent for the US. This is a really absolutely lovely leather bound notebook with gold leaf edged pages. It feels like it popped right out of the movie. I can imagine Tina having a notebook exactly like this on her desk in the film.

I've mentioned before that I always love having a good notebook around. That hasn't changed, I was really excited to see this notebook. My only problem now is that this might actually be TOO pretty to use! For now it's sitting in my desk drawer along with another of my old notebooks that I've always felt was too pretty to use. We'll see if I change my mind and find a reason to use it in the future.

Maybe I'll use it for working on my writing.

This shot shows the front cover of the notebook (the golden logo), the back cover of the notebook (the etched leather logo) and the inside back cover which has the real time map of magical catastrophes/situations that are happening in the US.

6. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them t-shirt

Last, but certainly not least, not in any way (oh look now I'm quoting a Police Academy movie), is some more standard fare for a subscription block. The requisite t-shirt! As a collector of t-shirts this is always one of my favourite parts. I'm pretty much going to let the picture below do the talking for this item. Needless to say I am excited enough about it that it's getting worn to work tomorrow. It's a screen t-shirt of one of the newspaper stills from the film:

Overall, I really could not have been more impressed with this box than I was. What a great first impression for this new subscription service! I honestly can't wait until the next one, which I just realised will be in January, which is when my birthday is! Yay this box is going to feel like a present!!