Sunday, 12 February 2017

Graze Box Number 2 Unboxing

So here I am with another Graze box.  This is a bit late as I received the box late.  I should have received this last Saturday (4th) but it only arrived Wednesday, and then for some reason I procrastinated with writing this blog post.

However here it is now with a run down of all the snacks I received and my thoughts on them.

The snacks I received were a mixed bag.  Two of them look absolutely delicious and I tucked into those pretty early on.  The other two I'm not so sure about and have yet to try them.

1. Chia Coconut Cookie with Afternoon Infusion Tea.  This is one of the ones I'm not so sure about.  I'm not a lover of coconut and thought I had binned any snacks with coconut in it.  I do love the Graze tea though.  It's an Assam and Kenyan leaf blend and it's the most delicious tea I have ever tasted.

2. Belgian Speculoos.  This is a new product which I hadn't had before but it is definitely now on my LOVE list.   The pretzel dipping sticks are cinnamon flavoured and the dip itself is cookie but it's more of a caramel/toffee flavour.  This snack is simply heavenly and I really hope I get this again very soon.  It was one of the higher end snacks calorie wise but still AMAZING!!

3. Smokehouse Barbecue Crunch.  Again I've not had this before and this is the other snack I am unsure of, mainly because it contains chilli corn.  I had definitely binned anything off with chilli in the title or contents as I don't like it but I think this is also a new product and therefore found its way onto the try list.  I will give it a go and see but I'm not holding out much hope on this one.

4. Sour Cream & Garlic Crostini.  I have tried this before and love it so I was pleased to see it again and it didn't last long.  This has sour cream and onion cashew nuts (my favourite type of nut) and little crostini bites with garlic flavouring.  This always pleases me when I see it.

So to sum up the box, I was 50% pleased, 25% unsure and 25% not happy.  I will give snacks 1 & 3 a try nevertheless and see what they are like but the other two have already gone and were delicious.

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  1. Boo they still don't do Canada :(! All 4 of those sound good to me heheh I like coconut so I'd enjoy the cookies and I'd probably enjoy the bbq crunch too hehe.