Thursday, 22 September 2016

Unboxing - #nerdblock September 2016

Nerd Block is the very first subscription service I ever subscribed to. Since first joining up I've done stints with Classic!Nerd Block, Comic Block and most recently Sci-Fi Block. This month I switch back to classic though. The first 2 months of my 6 month Sci-Fi Block subscription were pretty good but then after that they started repeating the same franchises over and over and just generally giving me things I was unimpressed with. So when I saw that the September classic block was going to have an exclusive HP item I knew that was the sign I needed to switch my subscription over.

What have we got in this month's box then? Let's go through it the same way I do with my #owlcrate unboxings, item by item. We'll start at the top left and go clockwise:

1. Ghostbusters screen cleaning cloth

I am a big Ghostbusters fan I've watched the DVDs of the originals so many times I've had to replace them twice. I know both off by heart and The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series is one of my most coveted wish list items on Amazon. I was definitely excited for the reboot, a group of coworkers from the library and I went to see it and I thought it was awesome. So all that said I am pretty pleased with this - I think it's going to go to work to keep our scanner bed clean haha.

2. Fun with Kirk and Spock book

So this book is a parody of the old grammar books Fun with Dick and Jane obviously with a Star Trek theme. They put this together in honour of the 50th anniversary of the original air date of the very first episode of the original series. I look forward to reading it at some point. I suspect it will end up making its way around among my friends and family as well because I have a fair few Trekkies in my social circle, myself included.

3. Attack on Titan scarf/costume

So all I know about Attack on Titan I know from the internet, I know it's some sort of anime/manga but I've never cared enough to actually find out if it was a show, book, movie or video game. This will probably get offered to my friends on Facebook haha. I really need to figure out how to go about selling all the stuff from these boxes that I don't actually want.

4. Batman the Animated Series action figure

There was 3 different options for this one - Penguin, Batman and the Joke. I have to say I'm pretty pleased that I got the Joker. This incarnation of the joker is voice by Mark Hamill and he just does such an awesome job at it. I've unboxed him, he has far too many little bits and accessories though, but he and his swag are now living on one of my bookcases right beside my Dumbledore Funko!Pop and at the opposite end of the shelf from my C3PO Pop and Mr. Bean and his bear from a previous Nerd Block.

5. Star Wars pin back buttons

2 buttons for the rebels and 2 for the Empire. I'm a big Star Wars fan too so I enjoyed seeing these in the box, I have no real use for them though so they might get attached to my cousins' christmas gifts in place of bows this year.

And last but certainly not least, in fact BEST ITEM IN THE BOX, this month's tshirt was the exclusive HP item:


  1. You already know how much I love that shirt, but I'm also loving the Star Wars buttons

    1. I can't wait to wear the shirt hehe. Would you like them then sweetie? I have nowhere for buttons hehe